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Collage Project

April 2020

And then their Inside became your Outside

And then their inside became your outside is a visual narrative in the form of a triptychon. It holds the story of the“regular girl” in isolation, focusing on the virtual outside as the physical one seems out of reach. During the collective absence she turns more and more towards the feminist online community and its promised utopia of self-love, collectiveness, and spiritual enlightenment. She finds herself in a room that she’s willing to share and that is not longer her own. Despite this sacrifice she remains invisible most of the times, experiencing a reality that is far from her physical one, taking place in a virtual, unlimited space. And then their inside became your outside is an attempt to capture the emotional collision and physical border experience the internet generations are experiencing in the isolation state. The increased online interaction (space sharing) seems to support the feelings of presence and visibility, but in a way, that is intangible for our bodies, and later on, minds. The experience of total freedom beyond any physical borders collides violently with the ever returning consciousness about ones

currently absent and captivated physical body.

"There’s always the fear of being visibly invisible. You like and touch the others because they tell you to love yourself. Your goddess is the female online community that you are following, that you seem to be part of. Sometimes the others see you, sometimes they don’t. You see their bleeding wombs, their freshly shaved heads and salty, blue enlightened tears all the time. When they suffer, you suffer. When they are angry, you are angry too. Since they’re all staying at home now, you feel an even stronger bond. The window in your room melts into your screen. Their inside becomes your outside. It feels as if you would all share the same room. Virtual boundaries disappear while the physical ones manifest. Now, the only way out is through the screen. There’s no one with you, there never was. But don’t you dare think you’re alone."

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